Sep 212004

Have you ever wanted to know how far you’ve ran? Well, the following devices can help you. They will also tell you how fast you’re running and more.

I currently own the Timex Bodylink, which works great most of the time. The problems that I found is when I am running in a area with lots of trees, it gets a weak connection to the GPS satellites. The GPS box is big and clunky and runs out of batteries a little quick. I have a previous version, the more recent version has a smaller box that uses less battery.

The Nike Triax and FS-1 Speedometer use special highly calibrated pedometers that fit on your shoe, they will work anywhere you go. The Triax and Speedometer are less clunky, but the FS-1 Speedometer’s watch is huge. All of the devices have a 97-98% accuracy. The big drawback is that they can be very expensive.

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