STC Track Districts and Peach-Ballers

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Jan 282006

District assignments have been released and St. Cecilia will be Class B in Track this year. This presents a challenge to the team, but I think they’re up to it. Unfortunately STC has been bouncing between Class C and B every year, making it difficult for them to get used to their competition. I’m going to be watching this season closely from Omaha, I wish I could there for another season.

Peach Ballers Other news about the STC kids from Brian Neilson: “.. Last Saturday night when Sam Small, Ryan McDowell, Tyler Hottovy, Jake Mertens and I balled it up against the YMCA employees at halftime of the real boys bball game. For the Y’s 125th anniversary, we played some old school peach-basketball, with no backboards and no dribbling. We dominated, of course, about 6-0 or something. There is the newspaper clipping attached to this email.” You can see Brian in the picture. I would’ve loved to have see that game.

The picture is from the Hastings Tribune.

Tivo Rules

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Jan 082006

I got a Tivo box for Christmas. It’s been great, I haven’t missed any favorite shows since. Before, I stopped watching TV shows and series. It seemed that if I missed one episode I was lost and the show wasn’t as fun to watch. Now with Tivo, I can grab past seasons from a marathon. Once I’m caught up, then I can record all the new episodes. Tivo does everything for you, scheduling and recording. It’s extremely easy to use.

If you happen to sign up for Tivo, they have a Reward system. If you put their email into the referral system, they get points towards awards. If you don’t have an email address to use yet, you can use:

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