Mar 242013

Let's rally for MOQ Robotics Team to help build our future in math and science.

Mary Our Queen Robotics is a program for Middle School students, which introduces them to real world applications of science, technology, engineering and math. Listen to the students from the MOQ Robotics team that qualified for the VEX Robotics World Championships, where they will compete with teams from over 20 other countries.

Any donation that you can make will help this Middle School Robotics Program continue to help these students:

Jan 052013

We have a little announcement!Tara and I are expecting a baby this summer! Quite the blessing, we are excited to see the change this brings to our soon to be larger family. Too early to know if it's a boy or girl, we'll leave that guess work to everyone else for now (Yes we plan to find out later).

Tara has been doing well, although, she has gotten a 'sample' of many of the joys of the 1st trimester.

Help build the future engineers of tomorrow

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Aug 072012

Help the Mary Our Queen Robotics team from Omaha, NE. The program expanded to four teams last year. For the 2012- 2013 school year, we have even more students interested in participating.

The teams of 6th-8th graders design, build and compete with their robots. These students are the future in engineering, science and math. We would like to buy a curriculum to enhance their learning and skills.

We also hope to qualify for post season play – State, Nationals and Worlds.

College World Series

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Jun 242011

Been enjoying the College World Series this year. The TD Ameritrade Park has been a wonder venue for the games. It seems like I’ve got to watch all of the South Carolina Games, which they’ve played well and made it to the Finals. Check out my Facebook page for the photos.

Support the Midtown Neighborhood Alliance

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Jun 212011

Support the Midtown Neighborhood Alliance get your Fireworks from the at 78th & L.

Midtown Neighborhood Alliance Firework Stand
Stop by and get all of your Missouri equivalent fireworks. Omaha law changed this fall permitting the sales of the big Missouri fireworks in city limits. The store is open 8AM to 11PM everyday from June 25 to July 4. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Jim Farho at 402.212.5571 or at Volunteers will be eligible to recieve a discount at the end of their shift. 4 shifts available: 1. 8AM to Noon 2. Noon to 5PM 3. 5PM – 11PM 4. OVERNIGHT 11PM – 8AM

Creighton beats Missouri State for the Conference Crown

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May 212011

TD Ameritrade Park

Watched the Creighton Baseball team beat Missouri State for the Missouri Valley Conference crown. It was a great day to enjoy the new TD Ameritrade Field.

Now the schedule for the Missouri Valley Conference Baseball Tournament has been posted. Creighton will first play Bradley in Game 4 at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24, 2011.

Culver Energy Efficiency World Wins Nebraska Addy

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Feb 112008

The work done on the Culver Energy Efficiency World project by David Day won a Nebraska Addy.  The website provides educational materials about energy efficiency and conservation for Teachers, Students and Parents.  As a member on this project, it was a fun project that has a positive impact on others.

I’m glad to see it be recognized, it is a very attractive set of material.  More importantly, the site has been a strong addition to Culver Company’s portfolio of educational material.
View the Site

I’m Engaged! :)

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Feb 092008

I proposed to Tara on Saturday, February 9th … She said yes! It’s been a great relationship and I’m excited to move to the next step. We now start planning for the big day, there is a lot to do. The wedding will be at the St. Cecilia Cathedral in Omaha, Ne. It will happen in August of 2008.

I’ll keep you posted with any other details.

The Game

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Aug 092006

Last night I had a great time playing ‘The Game’, a version of the Amazing Race. It’s been done in Omaha by a small group of people, probably years before Amazing Race ever hit the TV Screen. There were a series of clues that we followed around Omaha, trying to be the first to the finish line. Our team was Gerry, Raul, Kim, Christine and I. All of us figuring out clues as we got through the game.

We did really well for not having many Omaha ‘natives’ on the team. Our whole team had a great time. It ended with a barbeque and cake, so I’d say it was a great night.

Surprise 28th Birthday Party

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Jul 172006

I turned 28th, yesterday. And my friends in Omaha threw a Birthday party that really surprised me, it was a lot of fun. That was a clever little scheme, Christine picked me up. She had a story about going to Thuc’s house and getting Gerry at his sister’s house. We got to Thuc’s house and we went to the basement to ‘take care of some stuff’ and Dan walks around the corner, saying “Happy Birthday”. I figured he was just hanging out at Thuc’s house. Then the real surprise came when everyone else popped out. My initial response was a cross between shock and amazement. I think Gerry was going for some tears, but there was none of that. :)

I coulnd’t believe that my brother’s were there. I had asked them the day before to hang out in Omaha for my Birthday, but they gave me a story about how they had other things to do. I was really impressed by the amount of work that was put into getting everyone there. This was my first surprise B-day, so that was real cool.

Christy just bought a camera this week for her Birday and took a lot of pictures: