St. Cecilia Graduation

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May 142006

Brandon, Derek, Brian & Brandon

I went to the St. Cecilia Graduation today (in Hastings). It was really good to see all the kids there again. This is another exceptional class of kids, I’m can’t wait to see what they end up doing. Brian Nielson was the Salutatorian. Talk about a smart kid, he’s planning to go to UNL and enroll in their Honors Engineering Program.

I was happy to catch up with Cross Country and Track athletes, they look so excited. They had a really good season of Track, there was so much improvement this year. They can’t wait for the next Cross Country season, they are expecting to have one of their best years, yet.

Thanks Mom!

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May 142006

Thanks Mom, for everything that you’ve done for me and the rest of the family. As I reflect on the past, I see that we’re really lucky. We have the best mother you could get. I look back, and there’s too many examples to explain of the great things that you did for us. Let me brag a little bit …
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B-5 District Champs!!!!

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May 112006

A very big win for St. Cecilia Boys, the smallest school in the B-5 District. Even with some important athletes missing from injury, they managed to come out on top. The girls team placed 5th in the same district. This really makes me proud, I know how great these kids are. Dedicated and driven, they were absolutely the best kids to coach, last year. I’m wishing them the best at the State Meet, I’ll be there to cheer them on.
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Hastings College is Building a New Track

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Apr 192006

It’s finally happening!! A new track and field is being built at Hastings College. It will be a part of the Osborne Family Sports Complex, east of the Football field on the corner of 12th Street and 6th Avenue. They plan to have the track and field complex complete in the Fall of 2006.

Good news, Coach Clay is planning to host the first home Track Meet at the new track in the Spring of 2007. So you got a year to train and enter a race unattached, get on it. :-)

If you’re interested in donating to the track, you can call Mike Karloff at 800.775.2585. You can send your contribution to:

Hastings College Foundation
11422 Miracle Hills Drive, Suite 550
Omaha, Ne 68154

Enrolled in Classes this Summer

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Apr 102006

University of Nebraska at Omaha I enrolled into my MBA Classes for the Summer Session this morning. I’ll be starting my first class on May 8th, it will be one of those Prerequisite classes for the program. So, I have about a month of freedom until the classes start, I’m going to enjoy it as much as I can. The only downside is that I was planning a trip to New York from May 5th to the 10th, so I’m going to have to cancel that. Maybe I can rechedule later this summer.

Whitney’s Engagement & B-Day

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Apr 052006

For those of you that hadn’t heard yet, my sister Whitney recently got engaged. She’s planning to get married to Steve Pribnow in the Summer of 2007. They’re a great couple, Steve is a great guy. The whole family is excited.

Also, Whitney had her Birthday this week on April 10th. We got her tickets to a Kenny Chesney concert at the Qwest Center. Sounds like she had a great time.

State Farm 10 mile

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Apr 012006

Michelle, Harper and Lance

I ran the State Farm 10 mile Run in Lincoln, today. It was a great race, lots of runners and the course was mostly on a dirt path. We ran past Walton, which is the site for the Cornhusker State Games Footstock. My goal was to run under 1 hour and ten minutes, so I was happy with my performance.

Here’s my results:

Time: 1:08:29
Pace: 6:51
Overall Place: 44 of 485
Division Place (Male 25 to 29): 6 of 26

I ran into Michelle Paxton-Schupbach at the race, an old HC teammate. Amazing, she recently had a baby and she right back into competing. She did very well and ran great race.

Holy Name Fish Fry

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Mar 312006

We went to the Holy Name Fish Fry on Friday night. The line was huge! Wrapped around the building, down to the basement, through the tunnel and finally to the cafeteria. Great food and lots of fun. They went through 2,000 pounds of fish, it’s hard to imagine.

When I got in line, I bumped into Elly Hoarty. She darted off and brought over Bob McKeenan. The three of us went to South Korea, Hong Kong and China in the Summer of ’96. We went with the USA Track & Field Cultural Exchange and competed against athletes in each country. Well, the suprise was that Bob and Elly are engaged and planning to get married next summer. It’s really cool, they met each other 10 years ago on a trip to China and now they’re engaged. It was great to see everyone, I also had a chance to catch up with Julie Hoarty and the rest of the family.

Admitted to the UNO Graduate College

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Mar 162006

I was admitted to the Graduate College of the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I am ready to start classes this Summer, I’ll know more once get a chance to register for classes. It should take 2-3 years to get my Masters in Business Administration. I’ll probably follow the Technology emphasis, of course.

It’s been a good day.

Phone not Working

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Feb 282006

If anyone has been attempting to call me in the past 2 days, my phone has been down. So I’m not ignoring anyone, just been dealing with a mess. Alltel says they’ll have it working tommorrow (March 1st).

What a pain.

Back From Vail …

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Feb 272006

I got back from Vail, Colorado on Sunday Night. The trip was great, we spent the nights out in Vail Village on Mardi Gras weekend. I had the benefit of having a local, Scott Miller, lead the way around. I’m definitely jealous of everyone that gets to live and work in Vail.

I took snowboarding lessons on Friday, spending the day learning the basics. I went down Lionshead the next day, that was a bit tough. Even though I’m really sore, I had a great time. I can’t wait for my next chance to get back out snowboarding. Update: I developed the pictures from the trip.

I also did the Cordillera Moonlight Snowshoe 5k Race. It was a fun race, we started at 7pm. And despite the name, there wasn’t a Moon. So it was completely dark, and everyone had a headlamp on. It was my first time racing with snowshoes, and I fell a few times on the course. It was a great challenge, I ended up getting 29th overall. Then I won the raffle after, getting a long sleeved shirt and beanie.

Chronicles of Narnia

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Dec 102005

I went to the Chronicles of Narnia on Friday, going with a group of friends. It was one of the best movies I’ve seen for a while. I read the book in Junior High, it was a favorite book at the time. I thought they did a fantastic job of developing the story. I’d definitely say that it’s a must see film of the season.

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Plane Crash on Highway 6

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Nov 272005

A plane struck a TV Station Tower

After Thanksgiving weekend, my brother and I started back to Omaha. There was a winter storm coming towards Nebraska, and we were going to get ahead of it. We started the road trip down Highway 6 towards Hastings. The weather was awful, with gusting winds and random patches of downpouring rain.

About a mile past Atlanta, Nebraska, I noticed a plane heading east. It was flying low, below the clouds and dangerously close to the KLNE Channel 3 TV station tower. Suddenly the plane struck one of the tethers that held the tower up. The tower began to crumble and the plane crashed into a nearby field.

I quickly called 911, to report the crash. There was another car ahead of us that quickly drove to the TV Station, which we followed. We ran to see if anyone at the TV Station was hurt, but we found that the building was empty. The other car had gone to check the plane wreckage. Unfortunately, the passengers did not make it.

The response was immediate, we saw the County Sherriff and Fire Department very quickly at the scene. I feel really awful to know that a family will have to deal with this tragedy after the holiday. I have them in my prayers.

Update: The passengers were a couple, Daniel Walker (a 24 year old Air Force veteran), Heather Boatman (20 years old), and Daniel’s daugher Kaylee. They were planning to get married in May. They spent Thankgiving traveling to visit family and to buy a wedding dress.

Tribune Article
Chicago’s NBC5 Story
Similar KDUH Tower Collapse

Cathedral Young Adult Calendar

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Nov 152005

We’ve updated the Cathedral Young Adults Calendar. Lots of great events and everyone is invited. There’s a lot to do, so don’t worry about making it to everything. We hope you see something that fits your tastes, and we’ll see you there.

Update: There is an updated calendar located at

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Mahoney State Park Hike

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Oct 302005

Katie, Brandon, Theresa and Meredith
Click for more pictures

I went hiking today at Mahoney State Park with the Cathedral Young Adults. It was good to get out of town, the weather was perfect. Katie and Meredith got to explore more of Nebraska, since they recently arrived from Connecticut.

We started on the Observation tower, which was a great view of the Platte River. It was a bit creepy how the Tower had a tendency to sway back and forth, which probably wouldn’t help anyone afraid of heights.

Then we started down the Trail, probably last chance to see leaves on the trees this Fall. One path took us up and down a ravine. That was fun, had to do a little climbing. Check out the pictures.

The hike was a great chance to get to know everyone a little better. I’ve been enjoying my time with the Cathedral Young Adults, everyone also met at my house this last Friday to hang out and watch some movies. Send me an email if you’re in the Omaha area and would like to join us, I can get you more details.

Finished the GMAT

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Oct 292005

I finished the GMAT on Thursday, which I need to gain entry into Graduate school for a MBA. The test is looong, taking 4 hours. It wasn’t overly difficult, but towards the end, I got tired of answering questions.

They printed out some unofficial results from the test and my score will be enough for me to get into the MBA program at UNO. Unfortunately, I will miss the deadline for the Spring semester, November 1st. I need the official results from the GMAT and it will take 2 weeks.

So, I will start next Summer, which is probably better. I need to do a major rewrite and overhaul of my software this Spring and I don’t know if I have the time to do both a rewrite and classes at the same time.

Mark Wemhoff’s Wedding

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Oct 162005

Mark and Jennifer get married.
Click for more pictures

I just got back from Norfolk, Nebraska where Mark Wemhoff had his wedding. Mark met his wife, Jennifer Nelson, three years ago during a canoeing trip at Valentine, Nebraska. They’re a great match, especially in height. They’re going to have giants for kids.

Habitat for Humanity

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Oct 092005
Habitat for Humanity
Cathedral Young Adults Helping Habitat for Humanity.
Click for more pictures

The Cathedral Young Adults group did volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity today. It was a really good time, it was a good way to spend the Sunday afternoon. We worked on the floors, which wasn’t too difficult.